The BC Plant Health Fund was established to support the BC Plant Health Strategy, aiming to address plant health issues that impact productivity, environmental sustainability, and competitiveness of agricultural crops in British Columbia. This blog delves into the outcomes and insights from the fund’s implementation, highlighting key projects and their impacts on BC’s agriculture.

Overview of the BC Plant Health Fund

Established in November 2006, the BC Plant Health Fund provided $775,000 sourced from Provincial Agricultural Policy Framework Rollover Funds. The fund was divided into two main themes: Provincial Plant Health Emergency Response Strategy and Addressing Emergent Plant Health Priorities.

Key Objectives:

  • Develop an emergency response framework.
  • Conduct pest risk analyses for invasive species.
  • Improve surveillance capacity.
  • Address regional pest management gaps.
  • Promote environmentally sustainable pest management practices.

Theme I: Provincial Plant Health Emergency Response Strategy

Funding of $219,788 was allocated towards 15 projects aimed at developing a Plant Health Emergency Response Framework, conducting risk assessments of high priority invasive plant diseases, and improving plant health surveillance.

Notable Projects:

  • Plant Health Emergency Response Framework: Developed to ensure rapid and coordinated responses to plant pest incursions in BC.
  • Risk Assessment: Completed for 82 high priority plant pathogens, enhancing the province’s surveillance capacity.

Theme II: Addressing Emergent Plant Health Priorities

Funding of $536,230 supported 30 projects focusing on various agricultural sectors in BC, including greenhouse, field vegetable, berry, nursery, tree fruit, and mushroom crops.

Highlighted Projects:

  • Weevil Survey in Blueberry Fields: Identified species of weevils causing damage and prepared guidelines for monitoring and management.
  • Cereal Leaf Beetle Parasitoid Survey: Assessed the distribution and parasitism of cereal leaf beetle, highlighting successful biological control efforts.
  • Invasive Alien Species Outreach Awareness: Raised public awareness about invasive pests through brochures, displays, and factsheets.

Publications and Outreach

The fund supported the development of educational materials, including factsheets, field guides, and production guides, aimed at promoting sustainable pest management practices.

Key Publications:

  • Guide to Best Management Practices for Field Crop Protection: Provided updated information on pest management for cereals, canola, field corn, and other crops.
  • Home & Garden Pest Management Guide for BC: Raised public awareness about identifying and managing invasive pests using integrated pest management principles.


The BC Plant Health Fund has significantly contributed to safeguarding plant health in British Columbia. By supporting research, developing response strategies, and promoting sustainable practices, the fund has enhanced the province’s ability to manage plant health issues effectively. Continued commitment to these initiatives is essential for the long-term sustainability and competitiveness of BC’s agricultural sector.