Bionatrol / Oleotrol (in USA)

Engage the rapidly growing organic produce market.

Start with Bionatrol,

an organic crop protection as effective as its synthetic counterparts,

as tested by Dr. Gubler of UC Davis.

Nature's solution

natureWe started from the natural pest killing attribute¹ of soybean oil and harnessed it to a practical organic crop protection.

Bionatrol is certified organic (OMRI), 100% biodegradable and leaves no residue, so consumers can eat only what the nature intended them to.

Proven effectiveness

effectiveUC Davis¹ reported Bionatrol kills pests as effectively as synthetic pesticides. This broad spectrum¹ pesticide has been categorized by target pest groups: Bionatrol-M as a fungicide and Bionatrol-I as an insecticide. It is applicable to a wide range of crops¹ such as grapes, cucumber, ginseng, etc. Please see below for further detail.

Consistent and economic

consistentBionatrol possesses a homogenous oil droplet size and inhibits pests from building tolerance. The result is a consistent efficacy¹ in every spray, every batch and every year.

Also, its micro-sized oil droplets significantly reduce use rate¹ so farmers can enjoy the savings.

Produce more

produceBionatrol leaves no residue and promotes plants to fully engage in photosynthesis. Furthermore, its fatty acid content enhances the fertility of the soil. The additional supply of energy and nutrient helps better the crops’ quality and yield¹.

Safety assured

You can handle Bionatrol with a confidence that it is non-toxic and is not hazardous to your health even when working inside a closed environment like a greenhouse.

Committed to a progress


We believe in a continuous improvement of our products to match the dynamics of agricultural industry so farmers can stay focused on producing competitive organic crops.

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¹ For detailed information, please see the Product Labels and Technical Data Sheet below.