Agricultural pest control is undergoing a revolution, thanks to innovations in biopesticides. One such groundbreaking product is Bionatrol-M, developed by NTS Research & Inc. Utilizing soybean oil and advanced nano technology, Bionatrol-M offers an eco-friendly solution to common agricultural pests and diseases. In this blog, we delve into the development, effectiveness, and market potential of Bionatrol-M.

Company Overview

NTS Research & Inc. (NTS)

  • Location: Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
  • Specialization: Research, development, and manufacturing of biopesticide products
  • Founder: Dr. Kyu-Heon Lee, a chemist with numerous inventions and patents

Since its founding in 2001, NTS has been at the forefront of developing environmentally friendly pest control solutions. The company fully owns the research and product rights for Bionatrol-M and related bioproducts.

What is Bionatrol-M?

Bionatrol-M is a natural biofungicide derived from soybean oil. Through NTS’s specialized process, soybean oil is converted into nano-sized oil particles that exhibit strong antifungal properties. This product is effective against a variety of fungi, including powdery mildew and gray mold.

Key Characteristics:

  • Eco-Friendly: Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Efficacy: Proven to control major fungal diseases in crops
  • Certification: OMRI listed for organic farming

Research and Development

The journey to create Bionatrol-M began in 1999, with extensive research and testing. Dr. Kyu-Heon Lee spearheaded the development, refining the formula and manufacturing process over several years. Key milestones include:

  • 1999: Start of research on the use of vegetable oils for fungal control
  • 2001: Development of the first version of Bionatrol-M and test manufacturing
  • 2003: Successful manufacturing and independent testing showing outstanding results
  • 2006: UC Davis trials confirming the effectiveness of Bionatrol-M

Key Trials:

  • UC Davis 2006 Trial: Demonstrated Bionatrol-M’s efficacy in controlling fungal diseases in cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes. The trials showed significant reductions in disease incidence and severity compared to untreated controls.

Key Features of Bionatrol-M

  • Eco-Friendly: Made from natural ingredients, Bionatrol-M is biodegradable and leaves no harmful residues.
  • Effective: Proven to control a wide range of fungal diseases, including powdery mildew and gray mold.
  • Safe: Non-toxic to humans and beneficial insects, making it ideal for integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

Market Potential

The global pesticide market is vast, with increasing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products. Bionatrol-M is well-positioned to capture a significant share of this market, particularly in North America.

Market Estimates:

  • Global Pesticide Market (2001): $31.8 billion
  • North America: $11 billion
  • Potential Market for Bionatrol-M: $1.2 billion in California alone

NTS aims to replace traditional petroleum-based pesticides with Bionatrol-M. The initial focus will be on California and British Columbia, with plans to expand globally.

Commercialization Strategy

NTS plans to launch Bionatrol-M in the pesticide markets of California and British Columbia. The company has already secured distribution agreements with major distributors in the US and Korea. By 2008, NTS aims to achieve annual sales of $15 million.

Steps to Market Penetration:

  1. Initial Focus: California and British Columbia
  2. Distribution Agreements: Secured with major distributors
  3. Sales Target: $15 million by 2008
  4. Long-Term Goal: Major contract with a world-class distributor

Production Capabilities

NTS has the necessary manufacturing equipment and facilities to produce Bionatrol-M at scale. The current facility can produce 20 tons per month, with plans to move to a larger facility to meet increasing demand.

Manufacturing Process:

  • Key Equipment: Reactor, transfer pump, condenser, receiver tank, diluting tank, product tank, packer, separator, and more
  • Production Capacity: 10 tons per shift in a 15,000 square feet facility


Bionatrol-M represents a significant advancement in sustainable agricultural pest control. Its effectiveness, safety, and eco-friendliness make it a valuable tool for farmers and horticulturists. As NTS continues to innovate and expand its market presence, Bionatrol-M is poised to revolutionize the way we manage agricultural pests.