Sigma Anti-bonding Calcium (Supplement Grade)


SAC calcium helps protein bound calcium be ionized. Calcium in serum exists in three forms-40% of calcium binding protein, 10% of inorganic calcium, and 50% of ionized calcium. Only ionized calcium is the physiologically active form and can be absorbed in our bones by stimulating hormones which trigger the activity of Osteoblast (bone forming) cells.

SAC calcium significantly restores the bone metabolism in a short period of time. As we get older, bone resorption process is more active than formation process and it results in increase of bone loss which leads to osteoporosis. SAC calcium facilitates the bone formation process.
SAC calcium maximizes calcium absorption rate 200 times higher because SAC calcium is formed with anti-bonding and can be absorbed in our body without any help from biochemical energy.

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Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium

SAC(Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium) is a calcium carbonate, that is produced in a unique process, using natural Canadian small oyster shells as essential raw material. The Calcium carbonate has a Sigma Anti-Bonding Molecule with a weak bonding force. This property makes the molecule dissolve quickly and allows it to be absorbed into cells more readily. SAC produces Active Calcium Ca++ during its metabolism in the body.  SAC functions as a stimulation of the body and helps metabolism; this results in a healthier metabolic system and stronger bone structure.

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Calcium carbonate does not easily dissolve in pure water (47 mg/L at normal atmospheric CO² partial pressure as shown below). The equilibrium of its solution is shown by the equation (with dissolved calcium carbonate on the right): Where the solubility product for [Ca²+][CO3²–] ­­is given as anywhere from Ksp = 3.7×10−9 to Ksp = 8.7×10−9 at 25 °C, depending upon the data source However, SAC is more soluble in pure water, compared to normal calcium carbonate (1250mg/L at normal atmospheric CO₂ partial pressure as shown below). The equilibrium of its solution is shown by the equation (with dissolved calcium carbonate on the right):

Health and Dietary Applications

Calcium carbonate is widely used as an inexpensive calcium dietary supplement and gastric antacid, but there are many problems with intake amounts. Excessive calcium intake from supplements, fortified food and high-calcium diets can cause the milk-alkali syndrome, which involves serious toxicity and even fatalities.  Calcium has been added to over-the-counter products, which also contributes to inadvertent excessive intake. This kind of excessive calcium intake can lead to hyperkalemia, which can yield complications of such as vomiting, prostate cancer, abdominal pain and altered mental status. However, Sigma anti bonding calcium carbonate can be a solution for these problems as it has a  small quantity of 1/100-1/200.

Physiologically Active Calcium

Ionized calcium(Ca2+) is the only physiologically active form that can be absorbed in our bones by stimulating hormones, which trigger the bone formation process(Osteoblast). SAC is the first calcium-ion-delivery-system which safely and effectively achieves the threshold level of calcium-ion concentration in our blood to initiate a cascade of hormonal responses that awaken our body’s natural healing mechanisms